Are all your products vegan?
No, our coconut chews are vegan.
Are all products kosher?
Are all products dairy free?
Are your products peanut free?
What is the Prop 65 warning?
The Prop 65 warning that you now see on our packaging is a legal statement that is required by California law. I will note that the local California guidelines are not in line with the Federal EPA standards. I will also affirm that we have not changed anything in our formula and we do not add any additives that results in this acrylamide. It’s a natural occurring process when you roast potatoes and similar food items. I refer you to some other major brands that carry the same statement, such as Lays potato chips etc. (While I will not provide you with any medical or food safety guidance. I do recommend that you research online about the recent uptick in these claims and why litigation has caused such an uptick in these statements on packaging. I would like to stress that all our food products are in full compliance with the FDA guidelines, and we stand behind the safety of their consumption.